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About ChannelPro

ChannelPro is a business services and outsourcing company
 that provides companies with a range
 of Sales, Human Resources, Finance services and back office services to support their growth and changing requirements within local markets and around the globe.

Core Values

This is directly reflected in our mission and driven by our core values Reliability, Integrity, Performance, Pride and Family. Building a strong culture that breeds performance and success.
Re introduce core values Reliability, Integrity, Performance, Pride and Family and develop programs that supports that.

We deploy powerful models that are:

• Tailored exactly to your needs
• Built on decades of expertise
Agile enough to quickly respond to change
• Working across all channels
• Made possible by ‘best-fit’ people
• Informed by close collaboration
• Powered by cutting-edge technology

What makes our solution different?

We have a hands on approach with managing our people, processes and technology for optimal results. we tailor our strategies based on our clients needs as one size does not fit all. We collaborate with our clients until we have achieved a bespoke model that fits their needs. Once in place, we will continuously monitor, challenge and improve the model.

Our Team

Twitty-Ann Thomas

Founder and CEO

Mark Farquharson

Co-Founder and CIO

Gregory Wildman

Non-Executive Director

Shanelle Bethune

Head of Culture and Engagement

Neville Ellis

Director of Channel Sales

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7 Ivy Green Crescent, Unit 3, Kingston